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Balanced Fund

The Balanced Fund is a moderately conservative investment option that includes exposure to bonds and stocks. The objective is to seek current income and some capital appreciation. The Balanced Fund began as of January 1, 2018 and was preceded by the Bond Fund from 2012-2017 and the Stable-Value Fund before 2012.

Investment Returns

The Balanced Fund began as of January 1, 2018, so some historical returns are not yet available. Historical investment performance for the Bond Fund is available in a separate table.

Quarter 8/1/18 to 10/31/18 (1.80%)
1 Year 11/1/17 to 10/31/18 N/A
3 Years 11/1/15 to 10/31/18 N/A
5 Years 11/1/13 to 10/31/18 N/A
10 Years 11/1/08 to 10/31/18 N/A

Unit Value

December 2018: $15.760

Unit Value Historical Data

Asset Allocation

(Bond Fund)

as of December 31, 2017

$387 Million

Asset Allocation in Millions
Vanguard - Fixed Income Securities (Bonds) 69.0% $267
Vanguard - Domestic Equity 29.7% $115
Short Term Controlled by TRS 1.3% $5

Benchmark Comparision

For benchmark comparison information, please access the Fund Profiles booklet.