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Beneficiary Designations

Please log in to file all beneficiary designations or changes online.  
Confirmation of Beneficiary's Death (ONLY for retirees who selected a "Pop-up" payment option) online
Option IV-b Election Termination Form (code DB13)  
Change Form for Post-Retirement Payment Option under Section 13-565(c) (code RP113)  


Application for Restoration from Service Retirement (code GA1)  
Certification of Employment Under Section 212 (code RP76) online  
Report of Income Earned Before Retirement (code RP86)  
Overpayment of Post-Retirement Earnings Form (code RP92)  


Retiree's QPP Investment Election Change Form (Tiers I/II Only) (code RP8)  
TDA Annuitant's Investment Election Change Form (code RP9)  
TDA Investment Election Change Form (code TD45)


Affidavit of Power of Attorney (code BK70)  
TRS Special Durable Power of Attorney (code BK75)  
Model Domestic Relations Order  
Alternate Payee's TDA Direct Rollover Form (code LE25)  


TDA Loan Repayment Request Form (code LO11t) PDF
TDA Loan Application (code LO15) PDF
Request to Change TDA Loan Repayment Method (code LO105)  


Affidavit for Forged Check (code BK1)  
Affidavit for Check Reissue Request (and Authorization to Stop Payment) (code BK2) online
EFT Authorization Form (code BK58)  
Retirement Allowance Suspension/Resumption Form (code RP88)  
Overpayment of Post-Retirement Earnings Form (code RP92)  
QPP Retirement Payment Option Change Form (Tiers I/II Only) (code RW86)  
TDA Annuitization Election Form (code TD6)  


Account Information Access Form (code DM11)  
Member's Change of Address Form (code DM13) PDF
Filing Intent Form (code DM30)  
1099-R/1099-INT Inquiry Form (code GA5) online
Cancellation Request Form (code MI5)  
Benefits Letter Inquiry Form (code RC1)  
Retiree's Change of Name Form (code RP1)


TDA Direct Transfer Application (code TD15) - Suspended  
TDA Direct Rollover Election Form (code TD22)  
TDA Withdrawal Application (code TD32)

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