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See important deadlines and holiday closings, scheduled dates for pension payments, and a calendar of Teachers' Retirement Board meetings.

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November 2019 Unit Values Available [posted 11/14/19]

The November unit values for the variable-return Passport Funds are now available. Unit values are based on each portfolio's closing market value as of the end of the preceding month.

Watch Upcoming Board Meetings Online [updated 11/7/19]

The next regular Board Meeting will be held on Thursday, November 21, 2019. The next Investment Meeting of the Teachers' Retirement Board will be held on Thursday, December 19, 2019. Meetings are streamed live on TRS' website and are normally available for on-demand viewing within two business days.

2020 TDA Contribution Limits Set [posted 11/6/19]

The Internal Revenue Service has announced 2020 contribution limits for retirement plans, including Section 403(b) plans such as TRS' TDA Program. The general contribution limit will increase from $19,000 in 2019 to $19,500 in 2020. The limit on additional "catch-up" contributions for members age 50 and older will increase from $6,000 to $6,500.

Review Your 2019 Annual Benefits Statement [posted 10/24/19]

Annual Benefits Statements for 2019 are now available for members who are in active service or on leave. Members can view their statements in the secure area of our website and a video that shows how to access the statement online.

Account Statements as of September 30 Now Available [posted 10/21/19]

Monthly Account Statements as of September 30, 2019 are now available through the secure section of our website.

In-service members can access their account balances, loan information, and investment elections. Members with TDA Deferral status can access their TDA account balances, investment elections, and loan and RMD information.

Information on New Passport Funds [updated 10/10/19]

As of January 1, 2020, TRS will introduce two new options in our family of investment choices known as the Passport Funds. We have posted fact sheets about both of these funds: the U.S. Equity Index Fund and the International Equity Index Fund. Please note that the fact sheet for the International Equity Index Fund has been updated to replace incorrect performance data included in the original fact sheet (which was dated 7/19).

1.0% COLA Takes Effect with September's Retirement Payments [posted 9/30/19]

This year's annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for eligible retirees will be 1.0%, effective with the September 2019 retirement allowance payments. This adjustment is calculated on the lesser of the retiree's maximum fixed retirement allowance or $18,000.

The COLA is provided to service retirees who are at least age 62 and have been retired for at least 5 years, service retirees who are at least age 55 and have been retired for at least 10 years, and certain disability retirees and surviving spouses.

Change in Name, Manager for Socially Responsive Equity Fund [posted 9/24/19]

The Socially Responsive Equity Fund, one of TRS' family of investment choices known as the Passport Funds, will be renamed the Sustainable Equity Fund effective October 1, 2019. The name change reflects a change in the underlying manager and strategy of this Fund. For more information, please read the fund fact sheet.

Welcome, New Members! [posted 9/18/19]

TRS has updated the video for our new members. The video provides basics about membership in TRS. Watch on our site or on YouTube and share it with a friend. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel at @trsnyc.

Reminder of Filing Deadline for World Trade Center Law [updated 8/13/19]

Qualifying members who worked in the World Trade Center Rescue, Recovery, or Cleanup Operations between September 11, 2001 and September 12, 2002 may file a Notice of Participation (code DI40) with TRS. Beneficiaries of qualifying members who died without having filed this form may file the beneficiary version of the Notice of Participation (code DI40b). TRS must receive the Notice of Participation and, if applicable, an Authorization for Release of Health-Related Information (code DI47) by September 11, 2022.

Please see the World Trade Center Presumptive Disability and Death Benefit Laws information sheet for a list of qualifying conditions or impairments of health and other important information.