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Beneficiary Designations

Beneficiary's Designation of Beneficiary Form (For Fractional Installment of Continuing Allowance) (code DB16)
Beneficiary's Additional Beneficiary Form (code DB29)


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Beneficiary's Change of Address Form (code DM14)
Request for Withdrawal of Form/Application/Online Filing (code MI5)
Beneficiary's Consent Form for Changes under Section 13-565(c) (code SD27)


TDA Investment Election Change Form (for Beneficiaries) (code TD81)


Affidavit of Durable Power of Attorney (code BK70)
TRS Special Durable Power of Attorney (code BK75)


QPP Direct Rollover Election Form for Withdrawal/Distribution of Lump-Sum Disability Benefit/Death Benefit (code DB32)
QPP Direct Rollover Application for Lump-Sum QPP Death Benefit to an Inherited IRA (code DB32b)
TDA Direct Rollover Application for Lump-Sum TDA Death Benefit to an Inherited IRA (code DB34c)
1099-R/1099-INT Inquiry Form (code GA5)
TDA Withdrawal Application for Beneficiaries (code TD32b)

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