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Sustainable Equity Fund

NEW! The Socially Responsive Equity Fund is now the Sustainable Equity Fund as of October 1, 2019. The name change reflects a change in the underlying manager and strategy of this Passport Fund. The Sustainable Equity Fund will continue to invest primarily in stocks of large- and mid-cap U.S. companies that meet certain financial and social criteria, with a focus on sustainable business practices. The objective of the Sustainable Equity Fund will be to achieve positive long-term capital appreciation over a full market cycle, while focusing on sustainability characteristics including environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. For more information, please read the fund fact sheet in the Fall 2019 In-Service News or Benefits Report newsletters. Through September 2019, the Sustainable Equity Fund was known as the Socially Responsive Equity Fund.

Note: Some TRS materials such as forms may include the previous fund name (Socially Responsive Equity Fund) for a short time after the transition.

Investment Returns

Returns shown for 1 Year, 3 Years, 5 Years, and 10 Years are annualized.

Quarter 8/1/20 to 10/31/20 2.61%
1 Year 11/1/19 to 10/31/20 30.91%
3 Years 11/1/17 to 10/31/20 14.70%
5 Years 11/1/15 to 10/31/20 13.27%
10 Years 11/1/10 to 10/31/20 12.82%

Unit Value

November 2020: $22.421

Unit Value Historical Data

Asset Allocation

as of July 31, 2020

$323 Million

Asset Allocation in Millions
Sustainable Equity Fund 100% $323

Benchmark Comparison

For benchmark comparison information, please access the Fund Profiles booklet.