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Socially Responsive Equity Fund

The Socially Responsive Equity Fund invests in stocks of large and mid-cap U.S. and non-U.S. companies that meet certain financial and social criteria. It seeks companies that show leadership in areas such as environmental concerns, diversity in the workforce, progressive employment, and workplace practices. The fund attempts to avoid companies that derive substantial revenue from alcohol, tobacco, nuclear power, or weapons. The objectives are to achieve, over a full market cycle, positive long-term capital growth and to earn a rate of return comparable to the return of the broader equity market while reflecting social priorities.

Investment Returns

Returns shown for 1 Year, 3 Years, 5 Years, and 10 Years are annualized.

Quarter 4/1/19 to 6/30/19 1.98%
1 Year 7/1/18 to 6/30/19 3.40%
3 Years 7/1/16 to 6/30/19 11.42%
5 Years 7/1/14 to 6/30/19 8.17%
10 Years 7/1/09 to 6/30/19 12.88%

Unit Value

August 2019: $17.950

Unit Value Historical Data

Asset Allocation

as of June 30, 2019

$228 Million

Asset Allocation in Millions
Socially Responsive Equity Fund 100% $228

Benchmark Comparison

For benchmark comparison information, please access the Fund Profiles booklet.