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International Equity Fund

The International Equity Fund invests primarily in the stocks of non-U.S. companies located in developed markets, traded on a variety of stock exchanges, and denominated in a variety of currencies around the world. The objectives are to provide long-term capital growth and to achieve a rate of return comparable to the return of the non-U.S. equity markets over a full market cycle.

Investment Returns

Returns shown for 1 Year, 3 Years, 5 Years, and 10 Years are annualized.

8/1/22 to 10/31/22
1 Year
11/1/21 to 10/31/22
3 Years
11/1/19 to 10/31/22
5 Years
11/1/17 to 10/31/22
10 Years
11/1/12 to 10/31/22
(9.41%) (25.07%) (0.62%) 0.37% 4.63%

Unit Value

November 2022: $9.420

Unit Value Historical Data

Asset Allocation

as of December 31, 2021

$250 Million

Asset Allocation in Millions
International Equity Active 100% $250

Benchmark Comparison

For benchmark comparison information, please access the Fund Profiles booklet.