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  • Participants in TRS' Tax-Deferred Annuity (TDA) Program benefit from two sources of income at retirement: their guaranteed pension (through our Qualified Pension Plan), plus their TDA funds to draw on.
  • TDA participants who start investing early can fully realize the power of compounding on their investments.
  • Participants who maintain their TDA accounts during retirement have an average balance of more than $400,000.

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  • Don't wait to start on that retirement nest egg!
  • Reduce your taxable income today!
  • Start small! Investing even 1% of your pay in TDA helps you in the future.
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Consider Investing More

  • ...When your pension contributions stop or decrease.
  • ...When your salary increases.
  • ...When you find yourself in a lower tax bracket.

You can contribute a little more to your TDA (and your future) without impacting your take-home pay!

For more information about the TDA Program, please read our Your Tax-Deferred Annuity Program and Fund Profiles booklet. Or sign up for a 90-minute Introduction to the TDA Program session at TRS.

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