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Please read about our operations during the pandemic period. (Last update: 9/8/2023)

Monthly Account Update Available [updated 9/21/23]

 Account information as of September 21, 2023 is now available in the secure section of our website. In-service members can log in to see their latest account balances, plus loan information and investment elections. Retirees with a TDA account can view their latest TDA account balances, plus investment elections, loans, and RMD information.

September 2023 Unit Values Available [posted 9/14/23]

The September unit values for the variable-return Passport Funds are now available. Unit values are based on each portfolio's closing market value as of the end of the preceding month.

Watch Upcoming Board Meetings Online [updated 9/7/23]

The next regular Board Meeting will be held on Thursday, September 21, 2023. The next Investment Meeting of the Teachers' Retirement Board will be held on Thursday, October 5, 2023. Normally, meetings are streamed live on TRS' website and are available for on-demand viewing within two business days.

Online Educational Programs Available [posted 8/25/23]

Welcome to a new school year! TRS is offering a new season of online educational programs! Are you a new member to TRS? Do you want to learn about TRS’ TDA Program? Are you considering retirement in the next year?  Whatever your situation, we have something for you! Review the program descriptions and register on the Educational Programs page today. All programs are virtual.

Notification Letters Mailed in Data Security Incident [posted 7/20/23]

Earlier this week, TRS retirees and beneficiary payees affected by the PBI data security incident were mailed notification letters offering free credit monitoring and identity restoration services. In addition, a toll-free hotline has been established at (866) 373-9057 to answer questions about the mailing and the data security incident. Representatives from Kroll, the company administering the credit monitoring services, will staff the hotline Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Eastern Time.
The notification letters contain instructions for enrolling in the free protection services. TRS’ logo is on the letter, but the return address shows “Secure Processing Center” because the letters were produced and mailed by Kroll. According to Kroll, delivery of the letter could take between 5 and 20 days from July 18. For recipients living outside the U.S., notification letters will be mailed next week. 
TRS Member Services Representatives do not have access to individual notification letters and will refer callers to the Kroll hotline for any related inquiries.
As a reminder, TRS’ systems were not affected by this global data security incident. Retirees’ pensions are safe, and it is safe to use TRS’ website. We continue to hold PBI accountable and work with all our vendors to protect our retirees and beneficiaries. 

Update on Data Security Incident [Posted 7/10/23]

This is an update to our June 27 announcement about the external data security incident affecting TRS retirees and beneficiary payees.

Despite TRS’ best efforts to accelerate the process and ensure accountability, PBI Research Services (the vendor responsible for the data security incident and for notifying affected individuals) has not met the early-July target for mailing notifications or establishing a toll-free hotline for TRS member questions. TRS was informed today that mailing of the notification letters is expected to begin on July 20.

Personal information for TRS retirees and beneficiary payees was compromised in a global data security incident impacting PBI, a third-party vendor that has helped TRS identify deceased payees. At TRS’ insistence, PBI agreed to provide affected individuals with access to 24 months of free credit monitoring and identity restoration services. TRS recognizes the need for timely, accurate communications regarding this matter and will actively engage with PBI until they meet their commitment to our membership.

TRS deeply regrets this external incident, and we are doing all we can with our vendors to protect our retirees and beneficiaries. Please note that TRS’ systems were not affected by the data security incident. Retirees’ pensions are safe, and it is safe to use TRS’ website.

Data Security Incident Affects TRS Retirees [posted 6/27/23]

TRS was recently notified that TRS payees’ personal information was involved in a data security incident affecting PBI Research Services, one of our third-party vendors. This incident—which is related to the MOVEit Transfer application—occurred outside of TRS, and TRS’ systems were not compromised.

However, our retirees’ and beneficiary payees’ personal information was exposed in this global data security incident, which has affected thousands of organizations.

The exposed information includes name, Social Security number, partial address information, and date of birth. TRS began notifying affected individuals about the data security incident by email on June 27. PBI has agreed to offer affected individuals access to 24 months of free credit monitoring and identity restoration services.  Detailed instructions and a thorough explanation of the incident will be provided to affected members in a letter that we expect to mail in early July.

In the meantime, TRS will post information and updates on our website. An external toll-free hotline will also begin operating in early July to answer questions about the incident. TRS Member Services Representatives do not have additional information about the data security incident, so please consult our website for updates instead of contacting TRS.

Although TRS’ systems were not affected by this incident, we are reviewing additional safeguards for our website and monitoring for suspicious activity. We encourage members to remain vigilant against incidents of identity theft and fraud and watch for suspicious activity in their own accounts.

TRS values our members’ data security, and we deeply regret that this external data security incident affected some of our members.

Member Newsletters Now Available [posted 6/5/23]

The Spring/Summer 2023 issues of our member newsletters are now available online. The mailing of Benefits Report to retirees and In-Service News to non-retired members will begin later this month. On the Newsletters page, you can view the new issues or choose an issue from our archives.


TRS Will No Longer Support Outdated Browsers [posted 12/1/22]

To improve your online experience and security, please use the latest version of a supported browser when visiting our website. Supported browsers are listed at Using Our Site. Beginning in January, TRS’ website will no longer support outdated browsers, such as Internet Explorer. If you visit our website (or any website) with an outdated browser, you might not be able to complete transactions or view content correctly. Make sure to keep your browser current on all your devices!

Mailing to Gulino Class Members [posted 9/3/21]

TRS will send certain class members of Gulino v. Board of Education an invoice for pension contributions that must be paid in order to receive pension credit from TRS. The mailings will continue until all affected class members are contacted. 
TRS representatives cannot answer questions about this mailing or any other aspects of the litigation. Additional information regarding Gulino can be found at the Gulino website at

Reminder of Filing Deadline for World Trade Center Law [updated 11/14/22]

Qualifying members who worked in the World Trade Center Rescue, Recovery, or Cleanup Operations between September 11, 2001 and September 12, 2002 may file a Notice of Participation (code DI40) with TRS. Beneficiaries of qualifying members who died without having filed this form may file the beneficiary version of the Notice of Participation (code DI40b). TRS must receive the Notice of Participation and, if applicable, an Authorization for Release of Health-Related Information (code DI47) by September 11, 2026.

Please see the World Trade Center Presumptive Disability and Death Benefit Laws information sheet for a list of qualifying conditions or impairments of health and other important information.