TRS publications cover a range of general topics and specific issues for TRS members and other interested parties.


TRS publishes two member newsletters twice each year. In-service members receive In-Service News, and retirees receive Benefits Report.

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TRS publishes brochures containing detailed information about specific benefits and services.

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Financial Reports

TRS annually publishes required reports of financial and investment information.

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Other Publications

Your TRS Benefits in Brief Summarizes TRS benefits, and describes key membership information at a glance.
Tiers III/IV Summary Plan Description Contains details about TRS membership.
TDA Program Summary Provides an overview of the TDA Program, including its advantages and important guidelines about participation.
Fund Profiles Reports performance information for the Passport Funds on a fiscal-year basis.
TRS Retiree’s Companion Offers information about TRS services, retirement benefit payments, post-retirement finances and other topics specifically geared toward TRS retirees.
TRS Membership for CUNY Employees Summarizes the TRS services and benefits available to CUNY employees.